Definitely Maybe by Oasis 30th Anniversary

Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Oasis iconic album Definitely Maybe with Britpop Reunion!

Welcome to Britpop Reunion, the ultimate tribute band dedicated to the iconic sounds of the Britpop era. We are thrilled to announce that we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Oasis groundbreaking debut album, Definitely Maybe released on Monday 29th August 1994. Join us on this nostalgic journey as we pay homage to one of the greatest albums in British music history. Contact band leader and bass player Andy Starkey to book Britpop Reunion for a britpop festival band  or  corporate event band  or   90s School Reunion band   or  40th birthday party band  or  50th birthday party band  or  Britpop wedding or a party or any live event. Liam Gallagher has stated that he will be performing Definitely Maybe in full live in 2024 and what with constant talk of Liam and Noel reconciling their differences maybe an Oasis Reunion might be on the cards very soon? 



Definitely Maybe by Oasis 30th Anniversary
Definitely Maybe by Oasis 30th Anniversary



Definitely Maybe by Oasis 30th Anniversary

The 1990s was a defining era for British music, and at the forefront of the movement was Oasis. Definitely Maybe, released in 1994, propelled Oasis to superstardom, and its impact is still felt today. With hits like “Live Forever,” “Supersonic,” and “Cigarettes & Alcohol” the album captured the spirit of a generation and became an instant classic. Celebrating Definitely Maybe by Oasis 30th Anniversary is an amazing moment in history with it selling over 2.4 million copies.





At Britpop Reunion, we are passionate about bringing that energy back to life. Our talented musicians and dedicated performers will transport you back to the heyday of Britpop, ensuring an authentic and exhilarating experience for all Oasis fans. Whether you were there when the album first launched or discovered it later, our live performances and videos from Definitely Maybe will reignite your love for the music that defined an era.

An Unforgettable Live Performance

When you book Britpop Reunion, you can expect a high-energy, electrifying performance that will leave you breathless. We pride ourselves on delivering an authentic experience that captures the essence of Oasis live shows. From the infectious guitar riffs to the unmistakable Gallagher swagger, our band members bring their passion for the music to the stage, ensuring that every performance is a true celebration of Britpop’s golden years.

Die hard Oasis fans and even casual fans will be singing along to every word, reliving the emotions that this iconic album evoked when it was first released.

Definitely Maybe track listing




The Perfect Event for All Occasions

Whether you’re planning a corporate event, private party, festival, or music venue gig, Britpop Reunion is the ideal entertainment choice. Our Britpop musician Andy Starkey brings together people of all ages, uniting them through the universal love for the music of Oasis and the Britpop era. From hardcore fans to those discovering the music for the first time, our performances create an electric atmosphere that will have everyone on their feet, dancing and singing along.


Why Choose Britpop Reunion?

Authenticity: We meticulously recreate the sound, look, and feel of a Britpop band to deliver an immersive experience that pays homage to songs from Definitely Maybe and the Britpop movement.


Professionalism: Band leader Andy Starkey is committed to providing a seamless and professional experience from the moment you inquire about booking until the final chord of the performance.


Flexibility: We understand that every event is unique. We work closely with you to tailor our performance to your specific requirements, ensuring a memorable and customised experience.





Musicians who performed on Definitely Maybe:

  • Liam Gallagher – Vocals
  • Noel Gallagher – Lead Guitar
  • Paul Arthurs (Bonehead) – Rhythm Guitar
  • Paul McGuigan (Guigsy) – Bass Guitar
  • Tony McCarroll – Drums


Unforgettable Memories: Britpop Reunion guarantees an unforgettable night of live music that will have your guests talking about the event long after it’s over. Our goal is to create lasting memories that you and your attendees will cherish.


The Oasis debut album released 29th August 1994 was produced by:
  • Owen Morris
  • Mark Coyle
  • David Batchelor

It was released on Creation Records which was headed up by Alan McGee.

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Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Definitely Maybe with Britpop Reunion. Relive the glory days of Britpop, dance to the anthems of Oasis, and experience the magic of a bygone era. Contact Andy today to secure your booking and guarantee a night of unforgettable music and memories. Let’s come together and pay homage to the album that changed the sound of British music forever.