Alright by Supergrass Cover

Here we have Alright by Supergrass cover. The original was a huge hit by Oxford based Britpop musicians Gaz Coombes (Guitar / Vocals), Danny Goffey (Drums), Mick Quinn (Bass & Backing Vocals), Rob Coombes (Keyboards) back in 1995. It was the fifth release from their debut album ‘I Should CoCo’ after Caught By The Fuzz, Mansize Rooster, Lose It and Lenny. Alright was actually a double A-Side release with ‘Time’ on the flip side. It peaked at number 2 in the UK singles charts. The UK’s best Britpop tribute band ‘Britpop Reunion‘ love to perform this 90s track live. Guests always enjoy joining in with the chorus “Feel alllllriiiiiiight”. To hire a Britpop band for a live event contact bass player Andy Starkey from the band now. 

Alright by Supergrass Cover
Alright by Supergrass Cover

Videos of Alright by Supergrass Covers.

Britpop Reunion performing Alright by Supergrass cover at Silverstone Festival to a few thousand festival goers. 


Allright by Super grass live at a festival in November 2022.


Next up Britpop Reunion perform the most well known Super Grass song Alright live at an awards ceremony in Glasgow, Scotland

Lyrics to Alright by Super grass and info on the official music video. 

The lyrics to the song just basically tell a story of what it was like to be young, going out. Getting into scrapes and a little bit of fun trouble along the way. “We are young, we run green, keep our teeth, nice and clean, see our friends, see the sights, feel alright. ”

The official music video see’s Supergrass cycling round the Welsh Italian-esque village of Portmeirion on a moving bed and a 1970’s Raleigh Chopper bicycle. Portmeirion was made famous as the fictional unknown setting for the 1960s TV show ‘The Prisoner’ featuring Patrick McGoohan as ‘Number 6.’

Supergrass have reformed again just very recently and have now split up again. They continue to tour to this very day around the UK and Europe as solo artists.

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