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There is no other 90s tribute band out there like ‘Britpop Reunion‘. No other tribute gives you regular updates about what they get up to in Blog form. We care that much about proving to you what we get up to an a regular weekly basis that we enjoy spending the time writing up our experiences and antics. Read about our experiences performing by The Rembrants, Republica, Stone Roses, Wannadies, Oasis and more from our repertoire at 90’s weddings, 90’s festivals and 90’s corporate events.

90s Tribute
90s Tribute

Harry Potter Wedding Band – 5TH DECEMBER 2019

Wands at the ready…..I mean rings at the ready….No actually go on, what core is your wand? Surely unicorn hair is the best and coolest right?…read more

Harry Potter Band – 4TH DECEMBER 2019

You probably didn’t even know that ‘Britpop Reunion‘ also moonlight as a Harry Potter band did you? We perform all three songs featured in The Goblet Of Fire film including Do The Hippogriff…read more

90s Albums Songs Performed by 1990’s tribute band – 11TH NOVEMBER 2019 BY ANDY STARKEY

1990’s tribute band ‘Britpop Reunion‘ perform the following songs from the following classic 90s albums. Amazing songs perfect for a wedding reception, 90’s wedding party…read more

Nineties Tribute Band Vlogs

There’s no other nineties tribute band out there who go to the extent that ‘Britpop Reunion‘ do to prove to you what we get up to on a very regular basis…read more

1990s Tribute Group

Heading all the way back to the start of our career as the UK’s best 1990s tribute group early images of ‘Britpop Reunion‘…read more

Nineties Tribute Group

There would be nothing better for your event than having nineties tribute group ‘Britpop Reunion‘ take care of all your live entertainment needs… more

Nineteen Nineties Tribute Group

It used to be vary hard to find a nineteen nineties tribute group as 1) They just didn’t exist yet and 2) When some did eventually turn up they were of extremely….read more

Ninties Tribute Group

The UK’s most recommended ninties tribute group ‘Britpop Reunion‘with more images from our many live performances from over the years… more

Tribute To The 1990s

Imagine booking an amazing tribute to the 1990s for your 90’s wedding, 90’s birthday party, corporate event or festival… more

Nineteen Nineties Cover Band

Taking it back to the very beginning of our career as a nineteen nineties cover band. We are still very happy with what we achieved even back then….read more

90s Tribute Act

You’ll never find a 90s tribute act that works as hard as ‘Britpop Reunion‘ proving through their videos and the entirety of their website what they are capable of… more

Ninties Tribute Band

More videos from the UK’s leading Ninties Tribute Band ‘Britpop Reunion‘. The only way you can check a groups “Claims” of what they’ve achieved over the years is to go back through their history and make sure it all adds up….read more

Ninties Cover Band

Theres no other ninties cover band out there like ‘Britpop Reunion‘. Our promotional material speaks for itself. It shows you the professional experience we bring to your live event… more

Nineties Cover Band

When you’re the UK’s best nineties cover band as ‘Britpop Reunion‘ are you can prove this to potential clients with all the professionally shot live videos you’ve created over the years. Britpop Reunion formed in 2014….read more

90s Tribute Group

As you can see from the below images, ‘Britpop Reunion‘ have spent a long time recreating the look of a real life band from back in the mid 90’s….read more

Brit Pop Tribute Band Testimonials

When you’ve been together performing as long as Brit Pop tribute band ‘Britpop Reunion‘ have (Established 2014) you amass a large amount of lovely testimonials and reviews…read more

Britpop Tribute Act – Being Britpop

Andy Starkey from the UK’s most recommended Britpop tribute act ‘Britpop Reunion‘ has amassed a great knowledge of Britpop & the 90s…read more

Tribute To The 90s

‘Britpop Reunion‘ tribute to the 90s show is guaranteed to get your 1990’s juices flowing once more. You really will be back in the 90’s decade all over again that brought you all the greatest hits from the coolest Indie bands and poppiest chart artists…read more

1990s Cover Band Video & Audio

We’ve spent a lot of time replicating the sights and sounds of a proper 1990’s band both in the studio and live on stage. As you watch the below videos…read more

90s Tribute Band Repertoire

The 90’s certainly were a decade like no other for varying styles of music. Indie guitar based bands crossed over into the mainstream coining the term ‘Britpop’ (Or ‘Brit pop’ as it was first written)…read more

90s Festival Band

Are you frantically searching for a 90s festival band or are you having a 90s festival type wedding or show? Well you’re in luck as ‘Britpop Reunion‘ are the 90’s tribute band to make your occasion a roaring success…read more

90s Birthday Party Band

If you’re celebrating a big birthday like a 30th, 40th, 50th or 60th then nothing could be better than having 90s birthday party band specialists ‘Britpop Reunion‘ handle all your live entertainment…read more

90s Tribute Band Repertoire

The 90’s certainly were a decade like no other for varying styles of music. Indie guitar based bands crossed over into the mainstream coining the term ‘Britpop’ (Or ‘Brit pop’ as it was first written)…read more

90s Acoustic Tribute “Acoustically 90’s”

Acoustically 90’s is Andy Starkey’s 90s acoustic tribute solo show from Britpop Reunion. If you’re working towards a tighter budget meaning you’re unable to book the full band then this is ideal for you…read more

Britpop Wedding Band

Established in 2014 ‘Britpop Reunion‘ are the UK’s number one goto Britpop Wedding Band for brides and grooms who love the 90’s. We’ve performed at countless weddings during our time together as a professional tribute band…read more

90s wedding band

90s wedding band ‘Britpop Reunion‘ are the UK’s only professional 90’s & Britpop covers band. “Why would someone book a 90s tribute band for their special day?” you might ask? Well, as you know the 90s…read more

90s Cover Band Packages

Here you can view individual pages with more information on the various 90s Cover Band packages ‘Britpop Reunion‘ are able to provide you with…read more

What you get

What you get when you book 90’s tribute band ‘Britpop Reunion’ for your event. Here’s what you do (and don’t) get when you book the UK’s best 90s tribute band for various events…read more

1990s Tribute Band Public Performances

Most of 90’s tribute band ‘Britpop Reunions’ performances are private affairs such as corporate events, weddings and parties. Very occasionally though our 1990s tribute band may have the opportunity to perform publicly at festivals, events, bars, restaurants, racecourse, tribute festivals, university band…read more

90’s Indie Wedding Band – 24TH OCTOBER 2019

On Friday 4th October 2019 ‘Britpop Reunion‘ returned once again to The Guildhall, Lichfield, Staffordshire. This time to perform as a 90’s Indie Wedding Band for Luke & Matt…read more

Supergrass Tribute – 17TH OCTOBER 2019

Its great news to hear that Supergrass have reformed and touring again isn’t it. Surely now its time for a Supergrass tribute band though right?…read more

Britpop Tribute Band

Britpop tribute band ‘Britpop Reunion’ performed at ‘Gig On The Rec’ in Claygate Surrey in July 2019 to over 500 festival goers…read more

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90's Tribute
90’s Tribute