View Place Your Hands by Reef Cover Version

Here you can view Place Your hands by Reef cover version performed by Britpop Reunion. We’ve performed this track at every single performance we’ve ever done since we formed all the way back in 2014. Everyone loves singing along to this mid 90’s song by Glastonbury, England band Reef even if they always get the lyrics wrong. Folks love to throw their hand in the air as they think the lyrics are “Put your hands up, put your hands up”. But we don’t mind what anyone sings as long as they’re having the time of their life. Britpop musician Andy Starkey even encourages guests to put their hand up in the air. Why not eh?!?  Contact band leader Andy Starkey to hire a 90’s cover band for a wedding, birthday, festival, corporate event or any event live music is required for. We’ll make your event the biggest and best one you’ve ever been to. 

Place Your Hands by Reef Cover Version
Place Your Hands by Reef Cover Version

Place Your Hands by Reef Cover Version performed many times over the years.

Firstly here is the track performed live at a 40th birthday party at Nambucca, London. Client Oliver booked Britpop Reunion for his big 40th birthday party and everyone was up dancing from the very first note all the way through to the very last.


Next up we have Place Your Hands cover live at a swanky private party. This was a double header for us with us performing both on the Friday night and Saturday night. 


Put Your Hands up by Reef performed at a Festival to a crowd of 10,000 

Be they large or small we love a good live festival performance. What could be better than having 10,000 festival goers all sing “Put Your Hands Up” back to you live on stage? 



Finally a cover of the Reef song ‘Place Your Hands’ at a sold out ticketed 90’s event. We were treated like royalty while our Cool Britannia band performed nineties and Britpop songs for ticket paying punters.


Facts about the 90’s band Reef.

The Reef song ‘Naked’ was used in an early Nineties commercial for Sony Mini Disc. “I’ll blow you away”.

‘Place Your Hands’ is the lead track from their second album ‘Glow’ released in 1997 yet is their most know song.

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