Disco 2000 by Pulp

A massive hit for Pulp and a much loved song by all of our clients and their guests Disco 2000 by Pulp (aka Deborah) always gets everyone up onto the dance-floor. We’ve been performing this Pulp song since we formed in 2014 and we perform it very closely to how Pulp perform it live. Britpop Reunion also perform the other Pulp hit Common People too and it always goes down equally brilliant. Late bloomers Pulp (Previous known as “Arabicus Pulp”) struggled with nearly 15 years of obscurity until they picked up steam when “His n’ Hers” (Featuring the singles Babies, Do You Remember The First Time, Lipgloss and Razzmatazz) was released in 1994.

This was followed up by ‘Different Class’ being released in October of 1995 and commercial chart success and fame was finally theirs. Disco 2000 was the third of four singles released from the Pulp album Different Class. Common People, Mis-Shapes / Sorted for E’s & Wizz (Double A-Side) and Something Changed all charted very well in the UK singles charts. Hire a Pulp tribute band or Brit pop tribute band for your live event. Contact band leader Andy Starkey to check on price and availability to hire a Britpop band. 

Disco 2000 by Pulp
Disco 2000 by Pulp

Videos of Disco 2000 by Pulp by a Britpop Cover band

Video number one shows Britpop Reunion performing at Silverstone Festival to a few thousand festival goers. As ever captured perfectly both video and audio.


Video number two shows massive Pulp fan bride Natalie on stage with us at her wedding. She had come up with her own dance routine for the song and we loved capturing her performance. 


Video three is from back in 2016 where Britpop Reunion performed at a small festival in a marquee. It also includes other Britpop hits too. 


Pulp band members performing on Disco 2000:

  • Jarvis Cocker
  • Russell Senior
  • Candida Doyle
  • Nick Banks
  • Steve Mackey (Died 2nd March 2023)
  • Mark Webber

What in your opinion is the song that sums up Britpop and Pulp the best though? Is it Common People or is Disco 2000? Or maybe it’s another song by Blur, Oasis or Supergrass? No matter what band is your favourite Britpop Reunion perform music by all of these 90’s band and more at parties, festivals, weddings and corporate eventsContact band leader Andy Starkey to check on price and availability to hire a Britpop cover band