Silverstone Grand Prix Classic Weekend Britpop Tribute Band Live Performance

Britpop Reunion‘ performed at the Silverstone Grand Prix Classic Weekend on Friday 30th July 2021  supporting Scouting For Girls at the weekends 30th birthday bash. (The headlining band was supposed to be 90’s Acid Jazz band ‘Brand New Heavies’. But due to having to reschedule from 2020 they performed on the Saturday evening instead) . Also on before we took to the stage was a 90s grunge band tribute to Pearl Jam called Legal Jam. Our 90’s band performed songs by Oasis, Blur, Ocean Colour Scene, Pulp James plus other nineties music by The La’s, Chumbawamba, Republica and more from our 90’s tribute band repertoire

Here are all 15 songs we performed live at this prestigious event.

Silverstone Grand Prix Classic 

At the annual three-day car and race event there was motor racing and funfair rides. Also live music and entry to grandstands, retro run and more. There was even free parking. The Silverstone circuit is home to many sports events and competitions such as British Motor Racing, Formula One, F1, Driving Experience Days, British Grand Prix, Auto Racing, GT, Drag and more.

Silverstone Grand Prix Classic Weekend Britpop Tribute Band Live Performance
Silverstone Grand Prix Classic Weekend Britpop Tribute Band Live Performance

Guests were able to get up close to the cars and chat with drivers. Silverstone Classic 2021 early bird adult tickets started from £47 for all day Friday.


At Silverstone Grand Prix we performed classic 90’s songs like Don’t Look Back In Anger, Disco 2000, Parklife, The Day We Caught The Train, Sit Down, Place Your Hands  and more for our 90’s repertoire. For the above price you got to see three live bands and spend the entire day at Silverstone.

Britpop Reunion were on stage from 8:15pm until 9:15pm


Win 3 Pairs Of Tickets To Silverstone Classic on Friday 30th July 2021

Competition now closed.

We gave you the chance to win three pairs of adult full day tickets on our Facebook page to Silverstone Classic on Friday 30th July 2021 where you were be able to see ‘Britpop Reunion’ perform live.

Silverstone Classic 90s Tribute Band Festival
Silverstone Classic 90s Tribute Band Festival

Easy Competition to win a pair of tickets to Silverstone Classic on Friday 30th July 2021.

Rule of entry:
1) Comment anything the competition image on the ‘Britpop Reunion’ Facebook page 
Thats it.

We’re giving away three pairs of adult full day tickets on Facebook to Silverstone Classic on Friday 30th July 2021.
Your ticket will enable you to see ‘Britpop Reunion’ performing huge 90’s bangers live from artists like Oasis, Blur, Supergrass, Pulp, Stone Roses and more. Plus ‘Scouting For Girls’ and Pearl Jam tribute band ‘Legal Jam’ will be performing too. There are interactive experiences to head turning car displays, hot air balloon lift offs, passenger rides, fun fair and crazy golf, the trackside excitement matches the duelling on the circuit with over 1000 cars to watch race at the home of the Formula 1 British Grand Prix.

The star-studded races feature historic cars from across the last 100 years of motorsport racing wheel-to-wheel, representing the golden ages of Formula 1, Formula 2, GT, Sports and Touring Cars. With grandstand seating included in the admission ticket price, everyone is on pole position to spectate. Visitors also have free access to the vast majority of the entertainment including funfair rides, driving experiences, stunt shows, the concerts and both racing paddocks.

Terms & Conditions
  • Entry for the competition starts on Monday 12th July 12:00pm and closes on Friday 23rd July 2021 at 23:59.
  • Results of competition will be randomly selected on Saturday 24th July 2021.
  • We will contact the three winners directly through their Facebook social media.
  • Winners will need to respond within 48 hours or the tickets will be offered to another randomly chosen entrant.
  • UK residents only.
  • Friends, family and previous clients of the ‘Britpop Reunion’ may enter the competition.
  • No monetary value offered instead of tickets.
  • “Tickets” will be sent as E-Tickets shortly before the event.
  • One entry per Facebook account.
  • Britpop Reunion reserve the right to change the rules, terms and conditions or withdraw the competition at any time.

Live 90’s tribute band

‘Britpop Reunion’ 90’s tribute band features Britpop singer Andy Starkey who has a wealth of experience in all thing Nineties. He will be covering the whole of this monumental event in a new Vlog video. Also you’ll see lots of fantastic live photos after the event too.

To book 90’s cover band ‘Britpop Reunion’ for your festival band or event contact to check on price and availability. 

Married With Children Oasis Cover Version Video Acoustic Britpop Tribute Band

To celebrate the anniversary of ‘Definitely Maybe’ Britpop musician Andy Starkey decided to take time out of his holiday to live stream this Married With Children Oasis cover version.  Andy hadn’t played this song for over 20 years and it is actually one of first Oasis tunes he ever mastered as a teenager. Married With Children is the final song from the Oasis debut album ‘Definitely Maybe’ which was released August 1994 on Alan McGee’s Creation Records. Britpop Reunion perform many songs by Oasis from their nineties repertoire including Roll With It, Don’t Look Back In Anger, Wonderwall, Cigarettes & Alcohol and more.  To book a Britpop tribute band for a 90’s party contact for more info on price and availability.

Married With Children Oasis Cover Version Video

The lyrics for Married With Children were somewhat inspired by Louise Jones, who was Noel Gallagher’s girlfriend at the time . She was constantly being kept awake by the Oasis songwriter while he was writing songs and practicing his guitar. Louise would get annoyed telling Noel, “Your music’s shite.” Gallagher said that he had to keep those lines and wrote them into this song.

The song was also inspired by the USA sitcom Married… with Children. Noel Gallagher told nineties music paper Melody Maker “I looked at them two in the show (Al Bundy & Peggy Bundy), and looked at us two, and I thought, that’s us, that is!”. Furthermore he said “It’s another song that anybody could relate to, because if you live with a girlfriend or just a flatmate, there are always petty things that you hate about them. And this song’s just about pettiness.”

Married With Children Oasis Cover Version Video Acoustic Britpop Tribute Band
Married With Children Oasis Cover Version Video Acoustic Britpop Tribute Band

Further musings about the Oasis song Married With Children.

This original of this very acoustic sounding song is actually ever so slightly out of tune from regular 440Hz tuning. This suggests it was probably slowed down slightly after recording. Married With Children was an album only track and was never released as a single. Andy’s Married With Children Oasis cover version stays close to the original but has the guitar solo section removed.

Noel Gallagher is known for borrowing/plagiarising other artists songs.  If you listen to Lithium by Nirvana (From the 1991 album Nevermind) you’ll notice it has very similar chords played with a similar rhythm.

The final song was supposedly recorded in about half an hour on a broken Four-Track multitrack recorder in producer/engineer Mark Coyle’s bedroom.
The very dry sounding guitar part was played by Noel on a Gretsch ‘Country Gent’ that used to be owned by John Squire from The Stone Roses that was round at Owen Morris’s house. The final products is a great link between the demo stages with Mark Coyle and the finished album track.

Alan McGee from Creation records was quoted as saying “It works and when it works its charming and when it’s charming it goes on the record”.

During the recording of Married With Children the following musicians and producers were involved with Oasis (Although not all featured on this song).

  • Owen Morris & Mark Coyle – Producers
  • Liam Gallagher – Lead Vocals
  • Noel Gallagher – Lead Guitarist & backing vocals
  • Paul Arthurs (aka Bonehead) – Rhythm guitar
  • Paul McGuigan (aka Guigsy) – Bass guitar
  • Tony McCarrol – Drummer

Married With Children Lyrics

There’s no need for you to say you’re sorry
Goodbye I’m going home
I don’t care no more so don’t you worry
Goodbye I’m going home

I hate the way that even though you
Know you’re wrong you say you’re right
I hate the books you read and all your friends
Your music’s shite it keeps me up all night, up all night

There’s no need for you to say you’re sorry
Goodbye I’m going home
I don’t care no more so don’t you worry
Goodbye I’m going home

I hate the way that you are so sarcastic
And you’re not very bright
You think that everything you’ve done’s fantastic
Your music’s shite it keeps me up all night, up all night

And it will be nice to be alone for a week or two
But I know then I will be right, right back here with you, with you….

There’s no need for you to say you’re sorry
Goodbye I’m going home
I don’t care no more so don’t you worry
Goodbye I’m going home

Chords to Married With Children by Oasis

Slightly above a beginners level of playing, yet still pretty simple enough. You can play along to Andys Married With Children Oasis Cover Version Video by following the following guitar chords.

E G# C#m A C B7 E
A A7 E – F# A G

Earlier recordings of Married With Children.

A demo version of Married With Children was released on the Deluxe Edition version of the Oasis debut album ‘Definitely Maybe’. A slightly less refined version yet it doesn’t actually differ very much from the final album release. But it does feature a very loud shaker throughout and then a loud tambourine during the solo. Also it has slightly clearer lyrics sung by Liam. It clocks in at one second shorter than the final album release being three minutes and sixteen seconds.

If you are looking to hire an Oasis wedding band , or 90’s tribute band then contact Britpop Reunion for a quote. 

Britpop Artist Andy Starkey

Britpop Artist Andy Starkey has seen it all and done it. All through through the 90’s and also into the modern day Andy has been pushing live Britpop out to mass audiences. He performed in original Britpop bands throughout the nineteen nineties in Camden Town, London. As an accomplished Britpop musician Andy Starkey then moved onto the professional tribute scene. He now fronts the UK’s only professional Britpop tribute band ‘Britpop Reunion‘. 

Britpop Artist Andy Starkey
Britpop Artist Andy Starkey

Andrew Starkey and his band ‘Britpop Reunion‘ capture exactly what it is to be Britpop artists. You’ll hear live performances of songs by Britpop bands like:

  • Oasis.
  • Blur.
  • Supergrass.
  • Pulp.
  • The Cure.
  • James.
  • The La’s.
  • The Stone Roses.
  • Also The Verve and more.

But more than just the music you’ve also got the indie image, the original period guitars, amps and clothing too. Also with the bands britpop 90’s swagger you’ve got one heck of a live performance too. Britpop Artist Andy Starkey knows how to handle crowds of all sizes and has been doing so for the past 30 years. Whether you’ve got 30 guests or 30,000 Andrew will have them eating out of the palms of his hands.  He’ll make sure everyone’s singing and dancing along to his britpop band

Andrew Starkey Britpop Artist performs live songs like:

  • Don’t Look Back In Anger & Wonderwall
  • Parklife & Country House
  • Disco 2000.
  • Bitter Sweet Symphony.
  • Alright.
  • There She Goes.
  • Laid and more.

When you think of Britpop artists you think of:

  • Guitar based indie pop.
  • Brit pop hair styles.
  • Cool guitars by brands like Fender & Gibson and also Epiphone.
  • Telecaster, Stratocaster also ES-335 guitars. Fender Precisions bass guitars.
  • Amplifiers by Vox and similarly Marshall.
  • Clothing by brands like Fred Perry, Adidas Originals and more. 
  • Wooden beads and necklaces.
  • NME & Melody Maker newspapers.
  • Also magazines like Select.

All this attention to detail by Andrew Starkey and his fellow brit pop artists make Britpop Reunion the ideal choice for your festival band or wedding band. Similarly hire a birthday party band, corporate event band or band for a ticketed event. Contact to check on price and also to enquire about availability to hire a britpop artist.

Andrew Starkey Britpop Artist
Andrew Starkey Britpop Artist

Britpop Festival Band

Imagine it’s the 1990’s and you’re watching your favourite Britpop festival band at Glastonbury, V96, V97, V98, V99 Festival, Phoenix, Leeds or Reading. Wouldn’t it be great to relive that decade and that genre of music all over again? Well know you can when you hire ‘Britpop Reunion‘ for your live festival event.  Your punters are just the right age to spend their money on tickets for your Brit pop festival. They can’t wait to hear huge Britpop anthems like ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger‘, ‘Parklife‘, ‘Disco 2000‘, ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony‘, ‘Alright‘ and more. Our professional festival band can handle any size audience and have them eating out of the palms of our hands. Joining in with huge songs by artists such as Blur, Oasis, The Verve, Pulp, Supergrass and more. Contact to check on price and availability for your tribute festival.  

Britpop Festival Band
Britpop Festival Band

Hire a Britpop Festival Band

Formed in 2014 professional brit pop band ‘Britpop Reunion’ were an instant success story on the tribute festival circuit. We’ve performed at many, many festivals over the years including the Fake Festival, Glastonbudget and Tribfest. Also The Big Tribute, The Ultimate Tribute and Monmouth Festival. Punters love our indie pop 90’s britpop cover band tunes taking them right back to the start of 1990. Continuing all the way through to 1999. 

You provide the stage, PA, lighting and audience and we’ll give you all a high energy performance of 1990’s songs all performed 100% live.  All your paying guests will lose their minds when we head onto the stage. They really will believe its the nineties all over again Get your flags ready, blow up those huge inflatable footballs, get your wellies on and get booking a Britpop band for a tribute festival band. Trust in a professional Britpop Tribute Band for your live event.

Britpop Musician Andy Starkey

Britpop Musician Andy Starkey is pictured below with his 1994 Fender Precision bass guitar on Top Of The Pops. Andrew Starkey has a wealth of knowledge in all things Britpop. He lived through the British music based culture genre of the 90’s performing in various indie bands. Andy’s Britpop bass guitar heroes are Alex James from Blur, Mick Quinn from Supergrass. Also Mat Osman from Suede and Steve Mackey from Pulp. Additionally vocally Andy Starkeys Britpop influences include Liam Gallagher from Oasis, Damon Albarn from Blur and Jarvis Cocker from Pulp. Also Richard Ashcroft from The Verve brit pop singer

Britpop Musician Andy Starkey
Britpop Musician Andy Starkey

Book a Britpop musician

If you’re looking to hire a Britpop musician, Andrew Starkey and his Britpop cover bandBritpop Reunion‘ will be perfect for your festival, wedding or party. The UK’s only professional britpop band can be hired for any type of event where live music is required. Huge Britpop songs like Wonderwall, Country House, Common People, Disco 2000, Alright, Bitter Sweet Symphony and more. Depending on the size of live event you are holding will depend on what equipment we will bring along with us. Hire a Britpop festival band, book a Britpop tribute band. Also hire a Britpop wedding band.

If you’re holding a smaller britpop event up to approx 150 guests then you can book Britpop musicians with our full PA system and lighting rig. To book a band for a larger scale event (Such as a festival or with more than approx 150 guests) then you will usually need to provide your own PA system, stage and lighting. Find out more about what you get when you book brit pop musicians.

Britpop frontman Andy Starkey

Andrew Starkey is a fantastic Britpop frontman. He has the skills to make sure all your guests and festival crowd sing the entire night away with him and his Brit pop cover band. Contact to check on price and availability to book a brit pop musician for your party. 

Britpop Musician Andrew Starkey
Britpop Musician Andrew Starkey

Britpop Cover Band

You want to book a Britpop Cover Band to provide you with live entertainment. ‘Britpop Reunion‘ are available to book for your 90’s event throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. Our Brit pop group perform huge hits from Oasis, Blur, Supergrass, The Verve, Pulp, Ocean Colour Scene,  Reef and more. Book a Britpop cover band who perform classic 90’s songs written by nineties superstars. Artists like Noel Gallagher, Damon Albarn, Richard Ashcroft, Gaz Coombes, Liam Gallagher, Jarvis Cocker, Graham Coxon and more. Contact to check on price and availability for your britpop festival band, britpop party band, britpop wedding band, corporate entertainment band, charity event entertainment band and more

Britpop Cover Band
Britpop Cover Band

Book a Britpop Cover Band

As the UK’s best and only professional Brit pop cover band our 90’s tribute band will take you back to the best decade in music featuring the biggest and boldest nineties musicians. Britpop musician Andy Starkey from’Britpop Reunion‘ will have you thinking its the 1990’s all over again. Period guitars, amplifiers and drum kits mixed with retro 90’s clothing and nineties swagger. Established in 2014 Britpop Reunion instantly upped the game of what you should expect when you book a Britpop covers band. Massively entertaining performances and musicians engaging with the crowd. Therefore getting everyone to sing along and throw their hands in the air. Couple that with the best Britpop musicians around and you can be assured of one heck of a party.

All these exciting live performances you can see in our high end videos. We’re not just filming a local pub performance on a smart phone…. With terrible audio and video quality. We’re shooting on multiple DSLR cameras. With live audio expertly recorded from a mixing desk at high end bookings. ‘Britpop Reunion‘ put in all this extra effort to prove to your what we’re capable of. Read reviews and you’ll soon see how every single client who has ever booked Britpop cover band ‘Britpop Reunion‘ has given us a 100% positive rating. 

What you get when you hire a brit pop covers group 

Depending on the size of your event will depend on whether we bring along our state of the art PA & lighting system. For parties with under approx 150 guests its no problem for us to handle all the events audio for you. For events larger than approx 150 guests read more on what you get when you hire a britpop band. 

Britpop singer Andy Starkey and our Britpop tribute band will give you the sights and sounds of a real nineteen nineties live band. There’s no other britpop band out there who are capable of reproducing the 90’s exactly as it was as we do. Contact Britpop artist Andrew Starkey to check on price and availability of his fantastic 1990’s tribute band for your event

Britpop Quiz

How many Britpop artists and Britpop songs can you name in this Britpop Quiz? How well do you know your Britpop and 90’s indie? There are 12 Britpop artists with twelve Britpop songs featured in this Britpop music quiz video. Some you may find easy, some you may find incredibly hard. Why not test your friends too? We’ll even give you the first one as its obvious. It’s Wonderwall, by Oasis. A massive 90’s banger written by Noel Gallagher and sung by his brother Liam Gallagher.

Britpop Music Quiz


Creating a spin on the whole Chris Whitty (Chief Medical Officer for England) “Stay At Home” Coronavirus Covid-19 video campaign. Britpop artist Andy Starkey edited this Britpop Quiz to help lift spirits. Which Britpop bands sung about what time periods and days of the week? Also what is the title of each Britpop song/track? This is some serious trivia to challenge your brain with. Examine the video closely as you might miss one or two answers.

Britpop Quiz

Now that you’ve enjoyed that little competition read on to find out more about britpop tribute band Britpop Reunion.

If you’re looking for the UK’s best Britpop cover band then our Britpop band established in 2014 is the indie band for you. You can book a Britpop tribute band Britpop Reunion for any type of live event you are holding. If its a smaller sized event and you want to hire a Britpop wedding band then we can provide you with all sound and lighting. Anything up to about 150 guests we come as a fully self contained live band. If it’s a larger sized event and you want to book a britpop festival band. Or you want to book a britpop Corporate entertainment band. Then we can also be hired for your larger live event but you will need to provide sound and lighting. Also check out What You Get page for further info. Contact to check on price and costings for your area.

Also find out more about Britpop Reunion 1990s Indie Pop UK Tribute Band on Facebook. 

Last Minute Musicians Britpop Tribute Band

If you’re looking to hire Last Minute Musicians like a Britpop Tribute Band then 90’s cover band ‘Britpop Reunion’ just might be able to help you out. We’ll perform lots of Brit pop and 90’s songs as your wedding band, 90’s festival band, corporate entertainment live band, or 90’s birthday party band. In fact we can perform at any type of live music event you’re planning.  Imagine dancing your heart out to such 90’s indie bangers like Don’t Look Back In Anger, Disco 2000, Parklife, Cigarettes & Alcohol, Bitter Sweet Symphony and more. Formed in 2014 with oodles & oodles of live performances under our belts Britpop Reunion will give you the full on Brit pop experience you’ve been looking for.

Last Minute Musicians Britpop Tribute Band
Last Minute Musicians Britpop Tribute Band

The size of your event may dictate what sound and lighting equipment we’ll being with us. When you hire last minute musicians. Read our dedicated page of what you get, but in a nutshell for events smaller than approx 150 people we’ll bring everything needed to handle your whole party. Thats the entire state of the art PA system, lighting and full band backline. We’ll tune your room to perfection and you’ll never hear any screaming feedback with 1990’s cover band ‘Britpop Reunion’. We know exactly what we’re doing with live sound reproduction as we’ve been around since 2014. We can perform at any sized venue or outdoor festival. 90s band Britpop Reunion have the know-how to handle crowds of double figures to many thousands. 

Hire Last Minute Musicians who can prove their credentials.

Our Britpop tribute band has masses of previous live experience and skills to make sure your event is enjoyed by all ages. Book last minute musicians who can bring the house down with huge singalong anthems. Massive hits like Wonderwall, Sit Down, There She Goes, Common People and more. As well as huge 90’s Britpop cover band songs we’ll also perform massive nineteen nineties numbers. Artists like Chumbawamba, The Cure, James, The La’s, The Stone Roses, The Wannadies and more. 

Need more proof of what we can bring to your live event? Firstly check out the below videos then contact for a quote. Do it right and book a professional Britpop cover band for your event. 

Pulp Tribute Band

If you’re looking to book a professional Pulp tribute band then I’m afraid you’re out of luck. Because such a Pulp cover band doesn’t exist. Not to worry though. In 2014 something changed when ‘Britpop Reunion‘ formed and we’re the next best thing. We’ll play some of Pulp’s biggest hits at your festival, wedding, birthday party, corporate event or party. As well as Pulp’s songs we’ll also play the biggest Britpop & 90s hits for you and all your guests. Book a Different Class of tribute band for your event when you hire our Pulp band. Contact a Pulp tribute band.

Pulp Tribute Band

As your Pulp tribute band we’ll perform:

  • Common People released May 1995 which reached No 2 in the UK singles charts.
  • Disco 2000 released November 1995 and reaching (Very unfairly only) no 7 in the UK charts

Both of these Pulp singles come from Pulp’s chart topping 1995 album ‘Different Class‘ written by Jarvis Cocker, Russell Senior, Steve Mackey, Nick Banks, Candida Doyle and Mark Webber. Have we missed your favourite song by Pulp? Let us know when you contact us and you never know your luck we may even perform it live for you.

Can any other band pull off Common People to a small private festival crowd like we did below? We think not.


Britpop singer Andy Starkey is a massive Jarvis Cocker and Pulp fan and always has been. Andy owns a replica suit of Jarvis Cocker’s featured in the video to ‘Common People’ which he’ll wear on stage at your event. Bride Natalie is a huge Jarvis Cocker & Pulp fan too which was exactly why she hired ‘Britpop Reunion‘ as her Britpop wedding reception band. “It was literally like having Pulp perform at my wedding” was what she said in her review of us below. Watch Natalie and her husband as they join us on stage. Natalie even made a dance routine up on the spot for Disco 2000.

Pulp Wedding Band
Pulp Wedding Band

Although Pulp started in the late 1970’s (Then called ‘Arabicus’) they finally reached commercial success during the nineteen nineties. Writing and Performing amazing songs such as Babies, Do You Remember the First Time and Razzmatazz from the album His ‘n’ Hers. Also Brit pop songs like Lipgloss, Mis-Shapes, Something Changed and Sorted for E’s & Wizz.

Disco 2000 lyrics: 

“Let’s all meet up in the year 2000.
Won’t it be strange when we’re all fully grown?
Be there 2 o’clock by the fountain down the road.

I never knew that you’d get married.
I would be living down here on my own.
On that damp and lonely Thursday years ago.”

Jarvis Cocker Tribute Band
Jarvis Cocker Tribute Band

Common People lyrics:

“Sing along with the common people,
Sing along and it might just get you through,
Laugh along with the common people,
Laugh along even though they’re laughing at you,
And the stupid things that you do,
Because you think that poor is cool.”

Pulp Mis-Shapes / Sorted for E’s & Wizz Promo ‘ Jacket Sewing Pattern’

Book a Pulp wedding band with someone who loves the band as much as you just like Britpop musician Andy Starkey does. Still paying this much attention to detail on the Pulp and Jarvis Cocker front here’s some of Andy’s Pulp Promo from 1995. Just a small part of Andy’s huge Britpop promotional material collection from Being Britpop

Pulp Mis-Shapes & Sorted Promo Sewing Pattern
Pulp Mis-Shapes & Sorted Promo Sewing Pattern

Book a Pulp tribute band for your event. Contact to check on price and availability and check our professional credentials on Facebook. All you mis-shapes can party hard with us whether your based in Mile End or Sheffield. We’ll come to you for incredible and special performances. We love life and we also we love performing live.

Britpop Singer Andy Starkey

Britpop singer Andy Starkey has a wealth of experience in performing live with britpop bands throughout the nineteen nineties all the way through to modern day. From 1993 to 1999 Andrew Starkey spent his time in original Brit pop groups. Andrew writes songs along the lines of Britpop bands. Like Oasis, Blur, Supergrass, Suede, Pulp and The Verve. Britpop musician Andrew Starkey is massively influenced by Manchester greats like Liam Gallagher & Noel Gallagher. Also London indie bands like Damon Albarn & Graham Coxon.  Furthermore britpop artists Brett Anderson, Jarvis Cocker, Gaz Coombes and Richard Ashcroft. 

Britpop Singer Andy Starkey
Britpop Singer Andy Starkey

About Britpop Singer Andy Starkey.

When you’ve been around as long as Britpop artist Andy Starkey you end up with a great many stories to tell. Throughout the 90s Andys bands toured extensively supporting bands like Sleeper, The Bluetones. Also indie bands Shed Seven and Echobelly. Britpop Singer Andrew Starkey used to drink in The Good Mixer, Camden chatting with Dave Rowntree and Alex James from Blur. As well as various members of Menswear and other Britpop heroes. Back in the day Andy was always seen sporting Fred Perry polo shirts, Adidas Gazelle trainers and tracksuit tops. Similarly he still does to this very day. Britpop bass player Andy Starkey plays a number of Fender Precision bass guitars live. Including his famous 1994 Foto Flame period guitar.


Britpop frontman Andrew Starkey (Who fronts Britpop Reunion) previous guitar based indie bands came close to being signed to Creation Records. As well as Nude records and EMI Food Records. Brit pop Artist Andy Starkey was regularly written about in the NME and Melody Maker music newspapers. Furthermore Andy Starkey attended release parties of (What’s the Story) Morning Glory by Oasis, The Bends by Radiohead featuring Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood. Britpop musician Andy Starkey spent time in the 90’s living in Moseley Shoals Birmingham famous for the Ocean Colour Scene album of the same name. 

Britpop Artist Andy Starkey
Britpop Artist Andy Starkey

Brit pop artist Andrew Starkey

Britpop Artist Andrew Starkey performed on Top Of The Pops, The Word, CD:UK, The Chart Show. Also The O-Zone and The White Room TV shows. Today he fronts indie Britpop band ‘Britpop Reunion’. Find out more about Andy on the ‘Britpop ReunionFacebook page

Britpop Singer Andrew Starkey
Britpop Singer Andrew Starkey